About us – who are we

Zumo Retail Calculators is owned by Zumo Retail Ltd. We are a privately owned, New Zealand based business. Our vision is to provide independently owned retail businesses with the same business intelligence and tools that large global retailer’s use. We aim to provide on-line tools that make a real, sustained and positive difference to any retail business. We want to do this at low cost and with 24 hour accessibility. Thanks to the internet, we can!

To achieve this, we employ creative thinkers and true advocates of retail. Our people are a huge part of our success story, so we've developed a unique and stimulating work culture to ensure they remain engaged and inspired. All of our web site contributors are retail consultants who have multichannel, international retail experience. We know the tools we make work and work well, because we use them too.

A lot is changing in retail and the pressures on retailers never seem to get any less. What is not changing is our passion for the transformative benefits of superb retail tools and our commitment to helping retailers grow their businesses.

Why Zumo?

From time to time we get asked where the word Zumo came from. It is a good question because it really is an odd word. In short, Zumo is a corruption of the word Sumo.

You might be aware of Sumo wrestlers; many of whom compete in a tough uncompromising competition full of heavy weights. The smaller Sumo wrestlers need to be nimble, flexible, smart, informed and insightful to survive and thrive. It is a situation that is very familiar to most independently owned retail businesses and it provided the inspiration for the creation of our company name. A mispronouncing of the word Sumo led us to Zumo.

Today, at Zumo Retail, we are busily endeavouring to balance the scales a little more in favour of the independent retailer, even if the retail heavy weights are trying to make it tough.

About the system

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