Average Units Sold

Average Unit Calculator (also known as Average Basket) Explained:

(a) What is this? This calculator tells you how many units (products) the average customer purchases.

(b) What does this tell me? How many units the average person is buying every time they visit the store. This tells you how effective your store layout, promotions, pricing and sales staff are. The better you are at all these things the more this number grows.

(c) Why should I use it? To determine how well your business is selling products. Generally this number hovers within a range. For example, you might have an average basket of say 2.2 units per sale. That number fluctuates around naturally, but if you have promotional items on a counter, this number can increase to say 3.3 units per sale which is obviously a very significant increase.

(d) Caution: This calculator by itself, is misleading. It does not consider profit at all, nor does it consider the value of the sales you create. Both of those are critical business measures and they should be used in conjunction with at least Net Sales, GP%, GP$ and total expenses.

Average Units Sold