Deals Rough Guide

Deals - Rough Guide Explained:

(a) What is this? This calculator gives you an indication as to whether this deal is worthy of consideration or not.

(b) What does this tell me? Green means the deal is probably worth seriously considering. Orange means it is a marginal deal and needs careful deliberation, red means the deal is probably not worth considering.

(c) Why should I use? To assist you in determining whether a deal is good or not. It should not be relied upon as the sole determinant as to whether a deal is good or not. Your own judgement of competitors, appetite for investment buying and market conditions is something only you can determine.

(d) Caution: Do not use this calculator as the sole determinant of whether you do a deal or not. It omits considerations such as profit, price rises, competitors, market situation, weather, investment criteria, rebates and supplier payment terms. It also assumes that this is not a new product, rather it assumes that it is an existing product with a history of selling. It is based on FMCG retailing only.

Deals Rough Guide