Promotional Analysis

Promotional Analysis Tool:

(a) What is this? This tool enables you to assess the impact of promoting a particular product.

(b) What does it tell me? Whether you are better off or worse off promoting this product. Be aware that weeks cover, stock turns and GMROII's are often worse that not promoting. Also included in the calculator is any additional income you get from Suppliers as well as any costs you incur for the promotion. The Total Income Change tells you how much better or worse off you are in total.

(c) Why should I use it? To determine whether promotions make you money or not. Also to assess how much stock you will have left after your promotional buy.

(d) Caution: Promotional performance can vary dramatically. The assumptions about performance are entirely yours. Note that this calculator does not measure the number of transactions or customers numbers that a promotion has bought into your store, if is purely based on the performance of one product in a business. Any decisions you make as a result are entirely at your discretion. You use this calculator at your risk.

Promotional Analysis
Current Situation   Promotion Plan  
Av. Weekly Sales Unit Promo Weekly Units
Std Unit Cost (Ex. Tax) Promo Unit Cost (Ex. Tax)
Std. Unit Sell (Ex. Tax) Promo Unit Sell (Ex. Tax)
Min. Order Size Promo Min. Order Size
Your Promo cost's Supplier Co-Op/Rebates
Std Stock On Hand Settlement Period (select)
    Stock Turn Min. Target
Current Scenario   Promotion Plan  
Standard SOH Promo SOH
Unit GP % GP %
Unit GP $ GP $
Total Sales $ Promotion Sales $
Total GP $ Promotion GP $
Weeks Cover Weeks Cover
Stock Turns Stock Turns
Breakeven Sales Promotional % Change
Break Even Units    
Promotional Summary    
Additional SOH  
GP % Change  
Unit GP $ Difference  
Total Sales $ Change  
Total GP $ Change  
Weeks Cover Change  
Stock Turns Change  
GMROII Change  
Total Income Change