Trading Terms - Compared Calculator

Trading Terms - Compared Calculator Explained:

(a) What is this? This calculator lets you compare the terms from the same supplier from one year to the next

(b) What does it tell me? By using this calculator you can quickly determine the difference between your existing trading terms and the new proposal.

(c) Why should I use it? To help you make more informed decisions regarding trading terms and to get more clarity around the offer.

(d) Caution: This calculator assumes you have an existing Trading Terms arrangement. Obviously, this calculator is invalid if you have a new supplier. Any requests for additional support from a supplier/vendor should be supported with an ROI. You use this calculator at your risk

Trading Terms - Compared Calculator
  Last Year This Year
  % $ % $
Total Sales 100% 100%
Change versus last year    
GP %
Wholesale Discount
Quantity Discount
Distribution Allowance
Settlement Discount
Damaged Stock Allowance
Promotional Support
Retail Support rebate
Over & Aboves
Total Terms Payment
Total Gross Income (Sales + Terms)    
Total Net Income (GP + Terms)
Terms % Change TY vs LY
Terms $ Change TY vs LY
Change versus last year Sales & Terms
Change versuse LY GP + Terms %
Change versuse LY GP + Terms $